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@ Bhutan is leaving the title of the poorest country.

 The Himalayan country of Bhutan is no longer in the list of the world's poorest countries. United Nations Least Developed Countries (LDCs). The country will be removed from the list on December 13, 2023 this year.

The small state, famous for its top position in the list of happiest countries (Gross National Happiness Index), sees this transition as a significant success for their country. In addition to Bhutan, the number of LDC countries is currently 45!

Bhutanese Prime Minister Lotte Tshering told the media at the 5th LDC summit that ended in Doha, Qatar on March 9, 2023, 'Life means adaptation. It's about losing and gaining. You lose one, gain another. I think we are going to lose some grant availability. But we will get more business opportunities or bring in more investments. It's just a trick of the game.'

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